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Guns doesn’t really mean safeness

March 14, 2018

If we were really peaceful, our society would be able to function without guns.

The fact that there are guns in the United States shows with pusillanimity that America is violent and not strict enough to contain its inner conflict.

If guns were never invented, the world would be a safer, more peaceful place.

If the original problem about security was the fear of guns, then the elimination of guns is a better solution than the distribution of guns.

Martial artists train against guns, but their expertise just shows how unable gun owners are to protecting themselves physically.

World peace is a goal that requires that we agree with one another, guns only cause disagreements.

The more guns that are sold, the more conscious we must be about using them.

Sure, with guns we have Halo and James Bond, but without guns the likeliness that one would be assaulted and killed is very low.

Gun-free campuses are better and safer communities to learn in.

Guns create an environment that provokes and instills fear, something that creates an excuse for discrimination.

Like many major problems in the world, pretending that guns are safe only makes it more of an insult to America when minors die in a shooting to an emotionally and mentally unstable psychopath.

Anyone can use a gun, which is a random distribution of power. This imbalance is what takes place at school and college shootings.

Guns cannot create. They can only destroy.

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