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29 Clubs ready for “Club Days”

Joining could be a rewarding experience

Mario Leal, Editor in-chief

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One of the best emotions one can experience is bonding with people who share the same interests as oneself.

With students normally spending two to three years in here, community college can be a hard place to socialize, especially if you add that it may exist big age differences from student to student.

However, nothing is impossible, and student clubs can be an answer to such struggle. Next week. the 29 student clubs of Ohlone College are presenting themselves to the campus in the so-called “Club Days!.”

Starting on Feb. 14 at the Fremont Campus cafeteria, “Club Days!” is the perfect time to seek for people with that same interest and build something interesting together.

Student Activities Director Renee Gonzales sees the event as the perfect opportunity to connect with other students and also develop great people skills.

“[Club Days] is a best and easiest opportunity to join a club.” Gonzales said. “Student clubs helps students to connect with people outside the classroom as it also teaches leadership skills.”

Gonzales explains that during her college times, clubs had a big impact on herself as she was a founding member of the Asian American Student Club at the University of Nevada in Reno.

“Being part of [Asian American Student Club] really gave me a sense of purpose and belonging. It taught me leadership, social networking, people skills, and it helped me define my career path,” Gonzales explained.

“Club Days!” is also visiting the Newark Campus. Students Clubs would present their booth there on Feb. 15 at the Newark Campus lobby.




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29 Clubs ready for “Club Days”