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Yumna Urfi
Her joie-de-vivre attitude and warm personality make her one of the most energetic and loveable people around. A passionate writer - Yumna Urfi, brings a thoughtful and captivating tone to her writings making her a good fit for the Opinion’s editor position. She is an Economics geek and a math lover, who is well updated on news and ever ready to debate any topic under the sun.

Yumna is a self assertive person and a firm believer in women’s rights who advocates gender equality and works towards eliminating discrimination against women.

While she remains deeply attached to writing and poetry, she is also a huge sports enthusiast. Not only is she a crazy soccer fan but a squash player as well who is up to date with the latest game news. If you ever see somebody walking around campus watching soccer on their laptop, or running a side commentary as they watch the soccer game; know that you’ve met Yumna.


Yumna Urfi, Opinion/Editorial

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