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Exhausted Ohlone routed by Chabot 1-4

November 9, 2017

The Ohlone Renegades Men’s Soccer team strutted into what was to be a back and forth, grinding performance against the rival Chabot Gladiators and left the turf with a 4-1 loss against Hayward on Nov. 7.


Though the loss wasn’t totally anticipated, there was a nuance as Chabot took the field. Denying and scrapping, the Chabot defense just dominated the Ohlone offense, wrapping and trapping the Renegades with their more athletic players and were generally stunning Ohlone every time they advanced the ball.


But Chabot wasn’t just defending. As soon as the goalie started the offense, Chabot attacked with a crispy, polished offense that just kept Ohlone guessing. Chabot scored four times:  Two goals came from Chabot player Joshua Rojas, one from Bandon Sosa and one from Cristian Guzman.

The sole Ohlone goal came from Jesus Radillo, who scored thanks to a partially fatigued Chabot defense.



Head coach David Cordova Marroquin said, “I mean, we learned a lot yesterday. We had an expectation that the game was going to be easy and manageable and it wasn’t, and so we were surprised. The boys learned that every game is a battle, and that we have to learn from every game. That’s the biggest lesson from yesterday.”


Cordova also said, “We’re a team that’s a process. If we have any setbacks it’s just an excuse [to get better].

Our direction is always forward, always developing, and getting better.”


Even if Ohlone didn’t win the game, it goes without saying that the coach and his players learned from this experience. “The philosophy we have is really to find success even when there’s a negative result,” Cordova said, “As long as our effort is excellent, the result is irrelevant.”


The most important part, to the Ohlone Renegades, isn’t winning every game or becoming superstar athletes. It’s keeping it all leveled off the field. This means cracking open books and applying their work ethic on the field to their success as students.


Cordova explained, “Off the field academics are always [first priority] because if they’re academically ineligible they can’t move on anyway, so we always make sure they’re students first, athletes second.

This way we make sure that the players on this team will be able to transfer and play at the next level.”



“We really just want to make sure that they’re academically eligible. Our second-year guys are really focusing on being academically [eligible]. We preach guys to take care of their academics first.”


The Renegades, in terms of Men’s Soccer, have been pushing themselves off the field and improving, becoming exceptional compared to teams past.


“We’re a little bit faster, little bit stronger, a little bit more skilled,” Cordova said.


“I always expect an intense effort. Getting faster, stronger, more fit. We always push one another and that’s what I really expect. I just want [future athletes] to be quality human beings, and that’s all we are looking for,” Cordova remarked


“I think this group is right where we need to be, and we’re going to have an excellent rest of the season,” Cordova said.

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