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Coach Heslin out until Spring semester

November 8, 2017

Men's head coach, David Marroquin, having a brief tactic chat with Danielle Macias

Men's head coach, David Marroquin, having a brief tactic chat with Danielle Macias

Mario Leal/Monitor

Mario Leal/Monitor

Men's head coach, David Marroquin, having a brief tactic chat with Danielle Macias

For their last four games, the Ohlone women’s soccer team has been missing one of their fundamental pieces: their head coach.

Head Coach Larry Heslin is out on medical leave for the rest of this fall semester due to a colon injury. For the time being, men’s Head Coach David Marroquin and women’s Assistant Coach, Nate Failing are in charge of the team.

Heslin has been out since Oct. 19 when Ohlone faced Chabot at Hayward. Since then, the Renegades have been bouncing back and forth losing two games against Canada and Las Positas, and winning the same number against Chabot and De Anza.

However, with three games left in the season, the question remains, how is the team going to plan for the closing stages of the season?

Director of Kinesiology and Athletics Chris Warden sees the absence of Heslin as a challenge. “I think these events can do a couple things, it’s a fork in the road. It could either bond them, or split them,” said Warden. “I hope that Nate and David bond the team in order to do it for Larry,” he continued saying.

Considering the player perspective, Captain Sheila Naderpour, sees the team adjusting to the changes. “Since Larry left, the girls have definitely come together, and us, the captains, have stepped up for the team,” said Naderpour.

Nevertheless, despite the union, Naderpour admits that in terms of results, the team hasn’t performed in our favor, but we’re working on it,” she said. Moreover, Naderpour believes that the coach’s absence is the right thing to happen. “Personally, I think it was a great decision for him,” she said.

“He was feeling so much pain to the extent that it affected his decision making, and he was not enjoying it anymore,” Naderpour mentioned.

In the end, the results of the upcoming games will show whether Heslin absence brought progress or not. In the meantime, not everything is bad news, a new coaching style may bring new lessons.

“Larry and Nate have different coaching styles, while Larry sticks to one philosophy, Nate brings brand new ideas,” she said. Currently ranked third on the North Coast Conference, the Renegades have the opportunity to finish the season honorably if they manage to win their last three games. .

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