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Ohlone softball pitcher wins Pitcher of the Year

May 11, 2017

Sara Biela

Ohlone softball pitcher, Nalani Scates, has been named California Community College Athlete Association (CCCAA) Pitcher of the Year.

Scates, a freshman studying human development, was also honored with earning All-Conference (Coast-North) Pitcher of the Year. Scates was 23-2 with a 1.07 ERA.

Scates finished the regular season with a state leading 303 strikeouts, with hopes of breaking the state record of 459 strikeouts throughout the team’s playoff run.

According to the CCCAA website, she ranks 14th most all-time in the state with her single season record of 303 strikeouts.

In a recent interview, Scates said she didn’t know about the record until her teammates acknowledged it.

“I didn’t think about it going into the season,” said Scates. "I looked at the stats mid-way through, and I was told I had a good chance at breaking the record, so that’s my ultimate goal.”

Moreover, she didn’t expect to have this much success as a freshman in junior college.

“I had a pretty successful few years at [Foothill High School], but I never imagined that I would be this successful in college,” said Scates.

 Scates’ passion for softball began when she was eight years old, following in the footsteps of her parents.

“My Mom played sports when she was younger and my Dad has played sports his whole life” said Scates. 

With earning her spot of as one of the starting pitchers, Scates knew she needed to work hard in order to keep her form intact.

“I practice every single day, and I work really hard,” said Scates. “I practice 30 minutes [in pitching] a day, so I take my time and really put 100% effort in.”

One of Scates’ biggest influences in her life as a softball player is her family.

“My family is a huge part of why I strive to be successful,” said Scates. “They have been there for every step of my softball career and they have constantly been- supportive of me despite wins and losses.”

She also made sure to give credit to the ones who polished her pitching skills.

“My coaches have an impact,” said Scates. “They push me to be better. They make me comfortable to ask questions and question them when I don’t feel comfortable doing something.”      

Head Coach Julie Marshall had nothing but kind words to say when asked about her thoughts on Scates as a player.

“Nalani is the type of player that brings so much value to a team!” said Marshall. “Her athletic ability speaks for itself with the numbers, but it’s what she brings to the table as a person and student that really separates her from others! Nalani is a competitor and truly an honor to coach!”

When asked about her future plans down the road, Scates hopes to keep her dream alive.

“I hope to attend and play at a four year,” said Scates. “For my future career, I would love to be able to help children that struggle in school get the help and guidance they need.”

The Lady Renegades are currently competing in the NorCal Regional Playoffs. The Renegades defeated the Sequoias Giants 2-0 on Friday and 6-5 on Saturday to advance to the next round.

Scates stuck out 17 batters between the two games to increase her strikeout record to 320.

Scates believes this team, Team 32, has what it takes go all the way.

“I definitely feel really, really confident,” said Scates. “I think we work really well as a team; we’re a family before we’re a team, so I think that makes us play better on the field. I think we can go pretty far, and I hope that we can win it all.”

The Renegades will face Consumes River in Round 2 of the playoffs in Stockton this Friday, May 12, with first pitch at 4 p.m.

Atari creates a new console?

The Atari Box console design

The Atari Box console design

The Atari Box console design

With the current generation in full swing, Atari has teased a new piece of Atari hardware that will support a wide variety of games including a fair share of “current content’. At E3 2017 Atari started to tease its newest piece of hardware. The new console, called the Atari Box was said to be similar to Nintendo’s NES Classic and their newly announced SNES classic.

However, Atari has said that the new Atari Box will support current content alongside classic Atari games. Atari released a 20 second YouTube teaser video showing what their new hardware will look like.

The 20 second teaser video revealed some of the Atari boxes features as well as its appearance, including an HDMI port, Four USB ports, and an SD card located on the back of the console.  This project from Atari is said to be crowd funded and leaves many people to believe that the location of the consoles added hardware can change.

This obviously refers to the location of the consoles USB ports. This is due to the fact that USB ports are mainly used for a consoles controllers and are usually now placed on the front of the console for the player’s convenience. However, it is understandable that consumers could have this concern as the Atari 2600 had its controller ports on the back of the console.

As far as the looks of the new console, Atari’s 20 second YouTube tease revealed that the consoles exterior could look one of two ways. One of these looks includes a black rectangular box look with a wood panel design for the front of the console, resembling the well known Atari 2600.

On the other hand, the video also showcased a more futuristic red and black look for the console intended to fit a futuristic look more appropriate for recent years. As of right now, this is the only information Atari has released about its new console.

No other information has been released concerning further features or even the consoles overall specs. However, it will be very interesting to see and hear more about Atari’s new console when further information is released.

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