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Renegade Revealed: Jackson Zarubin

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It’s something that a lot of people have, but most don’t have the commitment to their faith or spirituality the way Jackson Zarubin does.

The Ohlone College sophomore is returning to the Ohlone baseball team that was the 2011 CCCAA state champion runner-up to Delta College.

The sophomore Zarubin lists Tim Tebow as one of his favorite athletes who himself has become a polarizing figure because of his faith and beliefs.

Sports and religion often go hand in hand, but are not usually discussed because of the politically correct era we live in where nobody wants to offend anybody else. Zarubin doesn’t like to preach but makes it clear that his faith is primary in his life.

“The most important thing to me besides sports is definitely my faith,” Zarubin said. “I was brought up in a Christian household where religion and faith were very important.”

His parents met at church a few years after they both graduated from college. They both ran track in college; his dad at Fresno State University and his mom at Wheaton College, which explains their son’s athletic abilities.

After marrying, his parents wanted a change of scenery and moved to Hawaii where Zarubin was born.

“We lived in Hawaii until I was about 6 years old, when my parents decided they wanted to move back to California,” Zarubin said. “My mom is from Redwood City and my dad is from San Francisco. I think they just missed it.”

This created another connection for Zarubin, who plays for Coach Julian Russell the 2011 Northern California Co-Coach of the Year.

Russell played for the University of Hawaii, Manoa and also was an assistant coach at the university for two years.

Zarubin has played baseball almost all of his life since starting tee-ball at the age 4. He has primarily been an outfielder before making the switch to pitcher his senior year at Foothill High School in Pleasanton.

“We had a really good team while I was at Foothill with a lot of outfielders,” Zarubin said. “I decided to make the switch to pitcher because I have a strong arm and for more playing time.”

Zarubin was a reliever on last year’s Ohlone team and hopes to compete for a starting job this season.

The 6 foot 1 inch Renegade still is not sure where he wants his education to take him, but law enforcement is something that intrigues him.

Russell had nothing but great things to say about the sophomore Zarubin.

“Jackson Zarubin is a good all-around person and is a great example of a well- balanced student athlete,” Russell said. “We expect him to compete for some serious innings this year.”

Zarubin is hoping to have a great season and continue to play baseball collegiality after Ohlone. TCU, Long Beach State and Fresno State are some of the schools that Zarubin would be interested in transferring to following his career at Ohlone.

Whatever path baseball takes Zarubin on he seems to be accepting and relying on the fact that his faith and religion will help him make the right decisions and stay on track to reach his dreams athletically and professionally.

“I don’t preach or try and overwhelm anybody with my faith or beliefs, but I am sure people know I am religious,” Zarubin said.

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Renegade Revealed: Jackson Zarubin