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Achanzar out indefinitely with a torn ACL

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“Do or do not; there is no try.”
–Yoda, “The Empire Strikes Back”

First-year soccer player Tamara Achanzar did not just try; she did everything she could for the Lady Renegades.

Achanzar tore the ACL (anterior crucial ligament) of her right knee during the Lady Renegade soccer game against Cabrillo College Oct. 12. It was the worst injury of her soccer-playing career.

“I went into the tackle too late,” said Achanzar. “I knew it was too late.”

But the center middle field player stuck with it for her team. The Lady Renegades won the game 3-1.

Now, she walks around the school in sweats with a full leg knee brace and is able to bend her leg only to her knee.

Coach Larry Heslin said Achanzar couldn’t play anymore.

“Her knee went to the left and her body went to the right,” said Heslin.

With one of the Lady Renegades starters out for the rest of the season, the team will have to “Try harder but is still a strong team,” said Heslin.

“It’s going to be tough. She controlled the center,” said Heslin. “One of the girls has to step up and control the position.”

Achanzar attended pre-habilitation sessions at Ohlone after her classes. The pre-hab prepares her for surgery in six to eight weeks.

During pre-hab, she does “a number of exercises to strengthen and get my range in motion back so the surgery and recovery will be smooth,” she said.

“I’m scared. I’ll be in crutches for three weeks,” said Achanzar. “I’m not the person to be on crutches.”

After surgery, her rehab will be as long as needed. The more work and consistent rehab, the sooner she will recover.

She calls herself an “adrenaline junkie.” She planned to go on a tropical vacation during break. Achanzar said reluctantly, “I guess I’ll have to stay low.”

Even though Achanzar takes a seat for the rest of the season, she still has the energy to support her team.

“She helps us out on the bench, helps us get pumped up,” said Heslin Although Achanzar stays
positive, it is not enough for her.

“I miss everything,” said Achanzar. “I’m upset that I’m not able to play.”

Team captain Celia Ochoa called her team member’s style as unselfish. “She’d rather pass the ball,”
said Ochoa. With support from family and friends, there is no doubt that Achanzar will be ready for next season.

“She seems like the person to recover quickly,” said Ochoa.

Coach Heslin agreed that Achanzar would be “ready to go next semester, fully recovered.”

“I will not let this hold me back,” said Achanzar.

The Lady Renegades will be back in action on Friday when they take on the City College of San Francisco in Fremont .

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Achanzar out indefinitely with a torn ACL