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Taxpayers pay for political drama

October 18, 2017

Seventy thousand fans came down to the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis to witness the game between the Colts and the 49ers. To grace the audience with his presence was our very own Vice President, Michael Pence, who flew all the way from Las Vegas for the event.

However, the audience at the game wasn’t expecting the drama that erupted as soon as the national anthem played. We saw many players from the 49er team kneel down to the anthem.

Offended by the supposed disrespect of the national flag, disappointed Michael Pence walked out of the stadium.

The aftermath of the event was obvious; it made huge headlines and remained a hot discussion topic for many political debates. But what went unnoticed was the misusage of our country’s money.

Looking back at the expenses – the hourly riding cost for the Air Force model C-32, used by our officials for air travel, totals $30,000. Multiplied by the time taken to fly from Las Vegas to Indianapolis – 3 hours and 20 mins – the cost rises to $100,000. Once the return journey from Indianapolis to Los Angeles is calculated, the amount equals $242,500 (CNN).

After the final inclusion of all overhead charges, the grand total is an approximate $300,000.

If you’re thinking whether we just foot this bill for our Vice President, Michael (Mike) Pence, you’re right.

Our tax dollars were used to finance the entire trip – which is now being viewed as a staged political drama. However, the question that concerns us is not whether the event was staged, but whether we are willing to pay for trips like these when we can be contribute toward improving dire situations across the country?

The situation in Puerto Rico is akin to that of a war torn nation. People are without basic amenities like power, food, medicine and phone services as the island battles its way through a severe debt crisis.

Furthermore, aiding calamity hit areas can benefit our nation more than sponsoring trips for the fame of our government. By rebuilding workforce and workplaces, we can help pay for a growing GDP and a progressing nation.

The takeaway thought from this event remains how the future of our country is headed into a dark abyss if we don’t begin to reconsider our choices. Time calls for us to prioritise our economic resources and channelise our human energies to reap maximum benefits.

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