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Mario Kart 8 works great for the switch

Jeremy Martin, Staff Writer

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With the recent release of the Nintendo Switch, the console was flooded with new games coming out of the wood works.  The newest one is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This game is an updated and more mature version of Mario Kart 8, originally released on the WiiU. 

There is a giant outpouring of new, bright, colorful arenas and characters added to this game — not included in the previous installment. These include a reworked version of the game’s battle mode, eight new arenas, and a handful of new characters. 

New characters include Bowser Jr., Dry Bones, King Boo, as well as the boy and girl inklings from Splatoon. The game also includes New Mii racing suits, unlockable through Amiibos, a gold Mario color for Metal Mario, and a handful of additional parts, used for kart customization. 

Upon starting the game, the main menu proves to be extremely easy to navigate through, as not all games have such a straightforward menu. Single player and multiplayer modes are clearly labeled as well as a clear selection menu for the location of players wanted in online competitions.

The overall gameplay experience was outstanding and proves to be extremely entertaining. The controls are very easy to learn and can be mastered within the player’s first few races. This will make the game playable to almost anyone and will encourage hours of family fun.

Looking at the different game modes, this game has a great replay value as it includes several groups of competitions for single player modes as well as multiplayer modes. To add to the fun there is, of course, an online feature. This allows the player to participate in various races and battle competitions against people from all around the world. Unlike Microsoft and Sony, you do not need a pre-paid membership to play against your friends. The online features of the game are completely free, whereas other consoles would require a paid membership for this experience. 

The online experience of the game proves to be spectacular as well as flawless. However, the game is prone to freezing at times. This mostly happened while the game entered a loading screen in the procces of loading other  matches.

On another note, the graphics in the game were outstanding and displayed a crystal-clear look into every race. You could see every detail on each and every texture.  This only added to the overall fun and feel of the game. 

Each and every character is slightly improved from the last installment. Despite the games cartoon-like nature, characters are more detailed and have a slightly more realistic look to their overall appearance than in the last game — Mario Kart 8. This added a lot of detail to the overall environment as well as throughout each character and in each arena, improving the overall look of the game. 

Over all, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a better more improved version of its original form and proves to be not only fun but very innovative as an installment to the beloved franchise. Bringing a handful of new things to the table, this game proved to be not only pleasing esthetically, but also strong within its entertaining gameplay. 


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Mario Kart 8 works great for the switch