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New 49ers GM has no experience

February 16, 2017

New GM of the San Francisco 49ers

New GM of the San Francisco 49ers

New GM of the San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers replace General Manager Trent Baalke with former NFL safety and FOX analyst John Lynch in late January.

Out of nine possible candidates who actually have the résumé and experience to build a team, the most inexperienced guy is selected for the job.

There’s no front-office experience, just knowledge as a player and on television. Supposedly, Lynch has been “connected” to front-office jobs – like that’s enough.

Zero background in evaluating and acquiring talent. I guess Lynch could ask other general managers for help when it comes to scouting players. Coming off a 2-14 season with all kinds of problems, Jed York actually thinks this is a smart move.

With the recent hiring of new head coach – Kyle Shanahan from the Atlanta Falcons – York wanted to make sure he had a general manager and a head coach who could be on the same page. An amateur partnering with former Assistant Coach of the Year. That’s an interesting combination.

When it was time to tell the family, almost everyone seemed to be on board. Lynch’s 9-year-old daughter, Leah, didn’t take the news so well.

While sobbing, Leah told her Dad that “the 49ers are horrible.” At this point in time, she isn’t wrong. Lynch responded by saying “well, I think that’s why they hired your daddy.”

It’s definitely clear that Lynch is unqualified for the job – however, that doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of getting the job done. He does know the game of football. Who knows, he may surprise everyone. All we can do now is wait to see what Lynch has in store. This could either work out well, or spell disaster.

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