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Trump isn’t the last person I’d pick for the Oval Office

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Since announcing his candidacy, Donald Trump has gotten an unprecedented amount of attention from the media, American people, and, in all likelihood, some extraterrestrial life.

People either love his “tell it like it is” attitude or slam him for his hate speech and xenophobic “solutions.”

While I do not believe Donald Trump can, or will, “Make America Great Again,” he is not the last person I would want to see in the Oval Office.

Were it to come down to Donald Trump or Ted Cruz as the next President of the United States I would pick Trump faster than you can say toupée. And here’s why:

Planned Parenthood

Annihilating women’s reproductive rights is one of Cruz’s top priorities. He is for de-funding Planned Parenthood and is staunchly pro-life. He doesn’t believe in exceptions in the case of rape or incest and considers some forms of birth control, such as the IUD and Plan B, abortion. These extreme stances are totally out of line with those held by the majority of Americans.

When asked to detail Cruz’s stance, spokesman Rick Tyler simply answered, “Life at conception, no exceptions.” What a catchy-yet-terrifying almost rhyme. Kind of a flashback to when Ted Cruz read “Green Eggs and Ham” on the Senate floor.

It should be noted that Donald Trump has made conflicting statements about his stance on Planned Parenthood. But recently, he said he supports the status quo.

Government Shutdown

In October 2013 Cruz orchestrated the 16-day government shutdown over Obamacare. Last year around the time when false allegations were being thrown at Planned Parenthood, Cruz threatened another government shutdown if Planned Parenthood wasn’t de-funded. Many of his fellow Republicans were aghast at the thought of shutting the entire federal government over the issue. It even played a role in Speaker John Boehner’s resignation.

Trump, a businessman at heart, is at least willing to compromise and strike a deal. A president who is willing to stop everything over one matter is dangerous.

Trump has threatened a government shutdown before. But the difference between him and Cruz on this issue is that a) Cruz has actually done it before and b) “The Apprentice” star’s political rhetoric is more about garnering a reaction than making promises.

Tea Party

The Tea Party Movement arguably ruined the Republican Party. The small but absolutist sect has held the GOP and our government hostage on numerous occasions by making uncompromisable and harmful demands. At the center of it lies Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. So far, politicians who subscribe to the Tea Party agenda have been limited to positions in Congress. Electing an Executive who has a seat at the Tea Party

would be a serious blow.

The largest Tea Party group in America has endorsed Cruz. The Tea Party’s temperature on Trump is mixed at best. He has a few connections to the far-right movement, but for the most part is not explicitly tied to them or their beliefs, whereas Cruz is a key and extreme player in their game.

Supreme Court justices, nominees and amendments

Probably the most important duty the next President will have is nominating as many as four Supreme Court justices. This could reshape the direction our country takes for decades.

Cruz wants to fundamentally change the nature of the Supreme Court. The judiciary branch is the most stable wing of our federal government and the least likely to cave to public opinion. This allows for our nation to progress at a steady pace. Cruz supports a constitutional amendment that would subject Supreme Court justices to retention elections every eight years.

This drastic change to the Constitution would make the judicial branch, which has for the most part operated above political mania, extremely political.

He’s cold, methodical, calculating

Donald Trump is an intelligent, successful businessman and he would never give up the chance to let the world know that. He is arrogant, requires endless admiration, and is prone to compulsive comments and insults. Not characteristics you want in a Commander in Chief.

Ted Cruz is also intelligent. He attended Princeton and Harvard Law School, but he is content in keeping his intelligence and calculating way of thinking from the public.

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Trump isn’t the last person I’d pick for the Oval Office