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“Campus safe with or without guns,” states Campus Police

View of the Olive Grove at the Fremont Campus from Mission Bvd.

View of the Olive Grove at the Fremont Campus from Mission Bvd.

Mario Leal

Mario Leal

View of the Olive Grove at the Fremont Campus from Mission Bvd.

Navin Krishnan, Staff Writer

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Many schools are reacting to the recent shootings on school campuses.

Ohlone College is, according to John Worley, its police chief, safe with or without guns.

“Ohlone College is continually taking steps towards making the campuses safer from incidents such as the Florida school shooting and other emergencies,” Worley said. “The arming of campus police officers is currently being considered and in addition to other security and safety features, such as the RAVE Guardian mobile phone app, which is being deployed March 1st.”

“If Ohlone were to detect a gun with a student on campus, a lockdown procedure that has already been installed will take action against the gun wielder,” Worley said. “Lockdown in a secure area. Remain focused, close and lock or barricade doors, close blinds, turn off lights, silence cellphones, spread out in a room. Remain locked down until advised otherwise by law enforcement authorities.”

There are multiple options that may attract attention for a shooting.

“A student may also decide to run away in a safe direction,” Worley added. This is a personal choice and dependent on the circumstances of the situation.”

If a student chooses to confront the gun weilder, that may also be an option.

“If there is no other alternative, then an aggressive action to stop the suspect should be taken,” he explained.

“The college has a video that provides more information regarding actions to be taken in an active shooter situation,” Worley said. “I highly recommend each student watch this video.  It is available on the college website.”

The page for that information can be found on the college website at http://www.ohlone.edu/org/security/emergency/training.html

The procedure is a required measure for an active shooting on campus.

Awareness and preparation are key factors that the campus police must entitle themselves to to create a safe campus, with or without lockdown procedures and with or without carrying a loaded weapon.

We must understand that awareness is the first step to safety, not to create fear but to create mindfulness.

Paying attention to speculate what is out of the ordinary is the next key to reacting in a hostile situation.

Staying aware and paying attention are key factors in an emergency. If there is a shooter on campus, find a safe spot away for the shooter and out of sight of the shooter and dial 911.

“The College utilizes an emergency mass notification system in which current students, staff, and faculty are automatically registered,” Worley said. “This system provides text and email notifications.  Additionally, all Ohlone computers connected to the network will display the same emergency message of what is occurring and what actions to take.”



Finding a hidden location and trusting your gut instinct, your survival skills. If you eventually want to lose the shooter’s attention, find a hiding spot and keep quiet.

Shootings could either be active shootings or hostage situations.

“Firearms or other weapons shall be prohibited on any college or in any facility of the District except for activities conducted under the direction of District officials or as authorized by an official law enforcement agency,” Worley said.

For more information regarding Rave Guardian, please go to http://www.raveguardian.com

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“Campus safe with or without guns,” states Campus Police