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Campus now protected with Smartphone App

Juan Salcedo, Staff Writer

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There have been plenty of recent tragedies that have occurred amongst various school campuses throughout the country, putting the lives of students and teachers at risk. From mass shootings, violent altercations, or even robberies, school campuses have become the focal point for such tragedy.

While Ohlone College’s Fremont and Newark campuses are safe environments, the safety of students and faculty are always a priority for our campus police services department.

This year, Ohlone has entered into agreement with RAVE, a company that has created a smartphone app called Rave Guardian.

“Initially, we were looking at improving our emergency mass notification system, said John Worley, Ohlone police chief. “When we looked into RAVE, we discovered they also had this RAVE Guardian app.”

The RAVE Guardian app allows not only students, but staff, faculty members and any other app users to call, text, or send instant photos to emergency officials, choosing people whom you trust to be a “guardian” and set up safety timers with them.

“This was something that we had been looking for, as we needed a better way for the college’s deaf and hard of hearing community, as well as many others who feel more comfortable communicating with campus police in this manner,” Worley said. Now, the Ohlone community will have the accessibility to easily and quickly contact campus police whenever they may feel unsafe.

The smartphone app also allows users to directly call safety officials like 911 whenever they may feel unsafe or in need of help and have the option of sending texts or photos when encountering suspicious activity. Users also have the ability of choosing trusted friends and family members to be “guardians” and setting up safety timers with them which allows those chosen ones to keep tabs on them whenever they may feel uncomfortable or about to be in a situation that may put them in danger.

This app is not only for college students, it can also come in handy on a day-to-day basis. You can utilize it if you are going on a date, are in an unfamiliar area, or if you are simply going for a walk.

“The phone app is beneficial for everyone and is available free to anyone affiliated with Ohlone College,” Worley added.

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Campus now protected with Smartphone App