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Warriors game to help Ohlone Food Pantry

November 27, 2017

The reigning champions of the NBA- the Golden State Warriors- are set to play the New Orleans Pelicans, on Saturday, Nov. 25 in the Oracle Arena.

However, rather than being an ordinary basketball night, the stage is set to be a fund-raising night dedicated to Ohlone students.

In coalition with the Warriors organization, Ohlone faculty is set to save some percentage of the ticket revenue for helping the Ohlone Food Pantry.

The Ohlone Food Pantry (TOP)is a project spearheaded in May 2013 by the Ohlone College Office of Student Life . Its goal is to help students in need get access to good quality food.

In order to collect food, the Ohlone Pantry is provided with donations contributed by grocery stores and voluntary donors.

Ten dollars from the cost of every ticket bought with the discount code ‘OHLONE’ will be donated to the Ohlone Food Pantry.

Hopefully with the help of Ohlone Night, the food pantry will help even more Ohlone students get access to the food resources they need in order to thrive physically and academically,with the help of Ohlone Night. The mission is to, “help feed students in need.”

It is expected to have around to 50-75 students that night. Still, the more people that come to Ohlone Night, the more money that is raised for TOP and subsequently more food would be provided to students who would not otherwise have the resources.

Ohlone students and staff are not the only people who can participate in Ohlone Night. Anyone who uses the Ohlone promo code can get involved.

The more the merrier.

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