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ASOC presents: ‘Moster Bash’

November 8, 2017

The Associated Students of Ohlone College (ASOC) continue their streak of strong on-campus events with their Halloween “Monster Bash”.

To celebrate on the day of Halloween, the ASOC hosted a “monster bash” from noon to 1p.m. By 11, personnel had already begun to enter the cafeteria for set-up. Among the devices being brought in are speakers, a microphone, a cotton candy machine, and a popcorn cart.

Along with the equipment were several pieces of scenery added to achieve a spook-tacular atmosphere. The cafeteria walls were adorned with banners of skulls and gravestones. At the far end a stage was set up for the costume contest, and a backdrop for photos stood over by the doors to the pond.

Fliers passed out by the ASOC advertised a Halloween costume contest, Halloween crafts, and free popcorn and cotton candy; and the ASOC did deliver. Once the event began, several students in the cafeteria were carrying either a cone of cotton candy or a bag of popcorn, sometimes both.

Once the event began, the speakers started playing music, and contestants began to assemble for the costume contest. Costumes covered a broad variety of characters from media from Princess Peach, Rick of Rick and Morty, and Beetlejuice. Contestants lined up and were walked onstage for a brief presentation of their costume, and once all had been shown, the contestants looked on as the judges contemplated their top three.

The verdict is made and the three take the stage one at a time for a brief photo with the judges, followed by brief karaoke by a couple people. Afterward, the event is tidied up and all is back to normal.

The event was co-sponsored by the Autism Awareness Club. ASOC continues to plan events for this semester, but for the time being, no November events are posted to their page on Ohlone’s website.

However, with no specific details, a Thanksgiving event is planned, according to the ASOC President Martin Kludjian.

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