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Is Fremont a real option for Amazon?

October 27, 2017

Since September, Amazon has been looking around North America for their new headquarter’s home, among the possible locations Fremont is an option.

The chance of Fremont being the host of the new home of the e-commerce giant comes within the bid of a coalition of Bay Area cities including Oakland, Richmond, Concord, and San Francisco.

The bid includes different locations such as the Concord Naval Weapons Station, Coliseum City and different Oakland locations, the Richmond Field Station and Hilltop Mall, Hunter’s Point Shipyard in San Francisco, and the Warm Springs Innovation District in Fremont.

“The Bay Area’s growing economy and innovation industry makes it the right fit for a big company like Amazon,” said Rufus Jeffris, Vice President of Communication of the Bay Area Council. “We have all the requirements as a whole: the best workers want to be here, we have top universities such as, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Ohlone College, and UC Davis. Also, we offer two international airports, and a good transportation device like, BART,” he said.

Although the Bay Area may be an interesting option for Amazon, the rising housing prices may be a detriment when it comes to making a decision.

“Of course Amazon would look into the Bay Area housing prices, we are aware of it. However, this is something every California city has to deal with, said Jeffris. ”[Still], we can’t let this challenge stop us from competing,” he said.

Another aspect then into consideration is the current traffic agglomerations that occurr throughout the Bay Area in general.

“With or without Amazon, the Bay Area must work harder to improve our transportation system and ease our traffic congestion. That means investing in upgrading BART, expanding our regional ferry service, using technology to better manage the flow of cars on our roads and freeways and embracing new technologies like autonomous vehicles and commuter shuttles. The Bay Area Council is working on all of these things,” said Jeffirs

Now, with all these considerations, how possible is it for Fremont to be selected

Until this point, it isn’t sure if Fremont has a real chance to be the fortunate city that will host such a big economic opportunity.

On Oct. 19, Amazon closed the first round of proposal, receiving a total of 238 bids, including propositions from 43 states, as well as Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

With this being said, the odds that Fremont gets selected among the other 238 destinations doesn’t seem to be that hopeful. Nevertheless, Jeffris is confident that Fremont has a lot to offer Amazon.

“Fremont has much to offer Amazon. Its burgeoning Warm Springs Innovation District offers ample space for a significant commercial office presence with strong connections to nearby regional mass transit system BART, top universities and international airports. Fremont is also home to a highly educated population,” said Jeffris.

In addition, Fremont’s chances increase with the flexibility of the Bay Area cities proposal, as Amazon could spread its headquarters along the group of locations offered in the submitted proposal.

“One of the important features of our proposal – and what we believe is a major advantage — is the huge amount of flexibility it gives Amazon to create a unique new headquarters, whether in one city or spread across several cities,” said Jeffris.

“Having that flexibility can be extremely valuable for Amazon as it develops its second headquarters over a 10-year timeframe. That flexibility also allows Amazon to really think about its headquarters needs in relation to where its workers live,” added Jeffris.

Whether it’s Fremont, or any other Bay Area city, Amazon’s quest for headquarters 2 could mean the creation of a total of 50,000 new jobs, tax revenue, and most important, a promising long-term economic stability and lots of opportunities.

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  1. Carlos on October 28th, 2017 2:43 pm

    Hope Fremont wins the bid!!

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