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Applications available now for A.S.O.C.

Mira Chandra, Editor

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A.S.O.C. – Associated Students fo Ohlone College – is the student government fo our campus. They serve as a voice for the Ohlone students and work along side administration and Campus Activities to host events and make decisions on policies which benefit the student body and positively contribute to campus life.

In an exchange I had with Student Trustee, and former A.S.O.C. Senator Miguel Fuentes, he stated with much sentiment, "A.S.O.C. was one of the best experiences I've had thus far in my collegiate career because of the motiviation I felt being surrounded by so many leaders. I felt inspired to move onto other paths where I can contribute my time into making Ohlone an even bettter school for us all. I learnt so much about our school, my community, the students and government itself during my time as a senaotr. I think it's an integral part of Ohlone College and does an excellent job helping bring the campus community together and making it stronger. We are a team. We are a family."

A.S.O.C. has been responsible for working with Campus Activities, clubs, administration, peer mentors and more to host successful and popular events such as Science Night, Transfer Day, Club Days and coming up soon – a Know Your Rights workshop.

According to an Ohlone student who has attend several A.S.O.C events, Sabrina Omar, a communication major, states "A.S.O.C. has hosted a bunch of stuff that I've really enjoyed attending. At first, I didn't even know we had a student government on campus, but after I attended a coffee with the council event and had a chance to meet a few of them, I became aware of all the different things going on at school. I'm event thinking of applying to be a senator next Fall because I think what they do is awesome."

If you're like Sabrina and are interested in applying to be a senator, applications will be available in the Fall during the first month of the semester.

If you cannot wait until the Fall and would like to run fo an executive position such as president or treasure for the A.S.O.C., applications and petitions are avilable from Feb. 13 to March 13 in the Student Activities office located in Building 7.

For more information about A.S.O.C., email Student Activities Coordinator, Renee Gonsalez, at [email protected]

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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Applications available now for A.S.O.C.