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Art 117 delivers comic book display at Newark Campus

November 8, 2017

Through the halls of Ohlone’s Newark campus, lies a glass case filled with several pieces of art, depicting the beauty and overall influence, brought on by several different styles of comic books.

Such display is known as the Ohlone College Comics Show and will be running at Ohlone’s Newark campus from Oct. 18 until Dec 4.

The gallery is located on the first floor, right next to the Cranium Café, currently serving as the library for the Newark campus.

“In early discussion, we talked about the topics of the show and and determined the place available to put the show,” said Rogelia Santiago, an Ohlone student currently enrolled in the Art 117 class.

The exhibit was organized by Santiago and her classmates from Art 117. The class serves as an intro to the display and operations techniques of displaying different types of visual art to a museum or gallery space.

This allows students to learn more about different techniques used in a gallery as well as the basics for artwork installation. Students from the class will often take part in filed trips to museums and see what its like to work in a gallery or museum-like setting.

The comics show will depict pieces of art, inspired by works shown in various comic books, ranging from the traditional Marvellike comics, all the way to things like, movies, and even including characters from several video games. Pieces of art include drawings, paintings, and even original graphics inspired by a certain franchise.

For example, one piece of art, created by Leon Mansalud, depicts the popular Star Wars bounty hunter by the name of Boba Fett drinking Thai Tea, a drink filled with pulp which resembles a tapioca ball. This type of pulp is referred to as Boba, hence a play on words using the character’s name.

“After we came up with the idea of holding a comics show in Newark Campus, we made a list of everything that are needed for asking artworks from students,” said Santiago.

Artists can submit up to three pieces to be shown in the gallery. All three pieces of art must be the artist’s original creation and must be emailed to a special email address with the artist’s full name, the size of their piece, and the medium used.

Artists can submit various types of pieces consisting of zines, character sketches, books, strips, as well as individual and multiple panel pages. Ingredients: •

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