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There's more sugar in the food and more sass in the people. Those are some of the differences noticed by Ohlone's six basketball players who are here from Australia — more than 8,000 miles and 15 hours away.

 "The culture," said Nicholas Sarinin a heavy Australian accent.

 “It’s the people and the way people act. Americans are a lot more outgoing, they will come up to you and ask you questions out of nowhere.”

 And the food is way sweeter.

“The food is more sugary, and sweeter here,” said  Nicholas Sarin and Cameron Bradley, nodding in agreement as Bradley, ironically, bit into a M&M cookie.

Mitchell Mckenna and 6’9 center Lachie Hunter, also agreed the food is different. Mckenna said, “walking to an American grocery store just is not comparable to the grocery stores back home.

Ohlone is known for its student body diversity, especially a great deal of diversity in all of the sports programs. One program that brings in a plethora of athletes from miles and miles away is the basketball program.

After being here for three and a half weeks so far, none of the players seemed to have gotten very homesick, at least so far.

Australia is a 15 hour non-stop flight totaling at 8,128 miles away from the state of California. It would seem almost imperative for anyone stepping into a new country for nine months to be itching to go home.        

However, Richard Oryem, Australian native and first-year player for the Renegades, said he has been far from home before and is "here to take care of business.” One thing that is safe to say, every player agreed the goal for the season is, “State champs.” The Renegades finished the 2016-17 season with a record of 21-9 and 8-4 in the conference. 

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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Life in the United States