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Illusion dominates playwright festival

May 10, 2017

All is not what it seems at the Ohlone Playwright Festival. One story makes you believe it will end one way and then they twist it and shatters your illusions. In another, a couple will make it through the struggles of life and end up together but then they are brutally shot and killed.

This is what the Playwright Festival does. Students creates tales that have twists and turns throughout the short 10-minute plays and each “speaks to our students and to the times that we are living in”, says Michael Navarra Smith, the Acting and Directing Faculty here in Ohlone College.

The Ohlone Playwright Festival was held in the Nummi Theater that is located in the Smith Center, May 4th and 5th.

The Playwright Festival is a series of 10 works that were written by playwrights that the Theater Department loved. The goal was to have each play written “specifically for the student actors and directors at Ohlone”, says Navarra Smith. Auditions were held for it and from there; playwrights built a play around the character they created for them. 

The actors, directors, and producers in the play were all students from Student Repertory Theatre Company, a class that allows first time and experienced students the opportunity to create shows and build their skills.

The Student Repertory Theater Company allows students with in an interest in theater to express themselves with their acting and create characters that portray different stories. It is a good way to have fun and pursue your dream. 

For those interested in being involved in other productions, an audition is being held for The Illusion by Tony Kushner, May 10 from 6-10 pm in the Smith Center with the performance scheduled for November 3-19. 

Other productions include the Jazz Rock Combo on May 12, Summerfest presents Rock of Ages on July 7-8, 13-16, and 21 & 22 at 8 p.m. More information can be found at the Smith Center Box Office. 

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