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Travel ban affects an Ohlone student’s life

Julian Moncaleano, Contributing Writer

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The controversy surrounding President Trumps travel ban has made some Ohlone students worried about their status and their families abroad.

Shahad Bagdadi, is an Ohlone student who is from Iraq. From knowing little to no English, Bagdadi has come a long way from when she first arrived here in the States.
President Trump’s recent alteration to his travel ban, removed Iraq from the list and that gave Bagdadi a huge sigh of relief. But within that short time that Iraq was on the list, Bagdadi started to panic and filled her head with worries and wonders if that could change again.

"My father is still there, he works everyday– bombs are set-off every day and it is really scary," Bagdadi continues to say, "My Father still has hopes to come join us here in the States, but with everything going on it worries me."

With the constant concern for her father in Iraq, Bagdadi still manages to stay in-tune with her studies.

Ohlone's campus separates itself from others with its level of diversity and that has benefitted Bagdadi by not feeling isolated.

"Everyone here at Ohlone have been wonderful and so comforting– many people understood what I was going through so it made it easy to show up to class."

Along with Bagdadi, her mother and sister have had a rough time dealing with the possibility of maybe never being able to see their father.

"It has been hard on my mom, she has felt depressed and has been worried non-stop."

The likelihood of Iraq being put back on the ban list is very unlikely, but if it was to occur it would cause a demand for answers for families like the Bagdadi's.

"I can’t imagine how life would be without my father, I keep thinking about our times together in our garden and sipping tea– it's moments like those that keep me up at night."
As of now, The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have filed 13 Freedom of Information Act lawsuits this week in response to President Donald Trump’s travel ban against civilians from majority-Muslim countries.

With activist continuing to make strides, Bagdadi can just hope to see her father once more.

When asked about what she would say to her father if he was here right now, she shared, "I love you dad. I miss you so much. Please be careful."

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Travel ban affects an Ohlone student’s life