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IT staffer runs charity in Vietnam

March 15, 2017

Khac-Quan Nguyen is Ohlone’s Administrative System Analyst/ Application Administrator in the Information Technology (IT) Services department, but he has many other roles. He has been a concert violinist for 14 years. 

And he founded a charitable organization in his home country of Vietnam called Viet Dreams, which provides clean water and free eye cataract surgery.

Nguyen was born and raised in a family that had a long tradition of music, in Hanoi, Vietnam. His father was a famous violinist, while his mother was a ballet dancer. His extended family included 10 relatives who were violinists. Hence, it is no surprise that Nguyen grew up surrounded by the sound of music. Nguyen started learning music at the tender age of 4, with his father as a mentor. He entered the Hanoi Conservatory at age 7, passing with a high score.

In 2010, Nguyen founded Viet Dreams, which is a “501(c)(3) charity non-profit organization founded by musicians, artists, and music enthusiasts who all share a common goal- to provide disadvantaged children in Vietnam and the United States with better educational opportunities and a healthy, sustainable way of living,” according to their website 

Nguyen had the idea for Viet Dreams while he was volunteering for different charities in the past and discovered “that none of them actually helped with clean drinking water, or only concentrated in helping only one particular need, in this case it was water.”

In order to resolve that problem Nguyen, along with four other board members, created a charity organization to help deliver clean drinking water. The program targeted pre-school children and orphanages and other places where young children were likely to need help.

Since its inception in 2010, Viet Dreams has helped more than 50,000 children and students at 150 schools and orphanages in Vietnam. According to Nguyen, Viet Dreams has five board members, 15 volunteers, and two international staffers (in Vietnam). Viet Dreams also hold fundraising events twice a year in the US. These funds also provide Christmas and Thanksgiving toy drives to shelters in San Jose.

Nguyen’s has said that his future plans for Viet Dreams is devoted “to giving children a healthier lifestyle and a promising future” in the hope their “efforts and commitment will serve as a powerful reminder that there are many children in Vietnam who need our help. Our goal is to give children in Vietnam an opportunity of a lifetime and make their dreams a reality.”

For those interested in being volunteers for Viet Dreams, call 408-909-2937 or check their website,

Check out their video:


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