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Director appears at movie showing

Alexandra Romero, Features Editor

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In honor of Black History Month, a film was presented by Big Spence on Tuesday, Feb. 7 in the Smith Center.

"Set Me Free" was directed and produced by Big Spence, who spoke at the Ohlone showing.

"Set Me Free" is the original movie title and it is now known as "Straight Outta Oakland" for those looking to watch it.

The motion picture is about the struggle of four young black men living in "the hood" of Oakland and trying to be set free from it.

Keith, the main character, is trying to make it on his own with his music and not let himself be influenced by his surroundings. Keith is ultimately influenced by his friend Kevin, who is a drug dealer. Kevin's struggles don't end with drugs. He secretly takes care of his sick father who got injured and verbally abuses him.

Kenny is another friend of Keith's, is a full-time college student who chooses to take on a parental father figure role with his cheating girlfriend's daughter. Finally, Korey is Keith's counsin who is indecisive on what he should do with his life.

Additionally, the film was vaguely based on Big Spence's life. Each character faced similar issues that he had gone through. With Keith's character, it was Big Spence had found someone that changed his life. Kenny had a bad relationship with someone. Korey didn't know what to do with his life and lastly – Kevin was trying to receive love and approval from a parent.

Big Spence said his film is about "mental bondage" and how "freedom is a state of mind". His characters are trying to set themselves free and live a better life.

If you are interested in learn ing more, then go to the Ohlone's academic website for more information.

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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Director appears at movie showing