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Arming Campus Police

Ronnie Lozano, Features Editor

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Given the current state of America, open-mindedness to change is important, especially when it comes to guns.

Ohlone wants to make a decision on whether or not campus police should carry them. 

There was an open forum held Monday with the purpose of discussing the matter. They wanted to provide an unbiased platform for students and faculty to talk.

Those who led the panel had statistics ready but they were more focused on the feedback of campus constituencies. 

“We had the quantitative data, but qualitative analysis was just as, if not more important to us today,” said Kelly Wilmeth, director of accommodation and interpreting services.

The panel wanted to get the input from whoever felt it was necessary to get involved in the discussion. 

One of the elements they factored in was what local campuses do in regard to arming officers.

Other subjects included: the training officers go through, use of force, and defense tactics.

They emphasized the process of gathering information in order to make a knowledgeable decision. Although there was a lot of healthy dialogue, an outcome is still to be determined.

“It’s a complex issue, so it’s going to take some time”, said Wilmeth on reaching a final decision. 

They want to assure a decision is made that is the safest and most beneficial for students.

In addition to holding another meeting on Nov. 30, Ohlone plans to include the matter in its upcoming climate survey.

“We want to make a decision that’s best for this campus”, said Shairon Zingsheim, associate vice president for human resources.

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  1. disqus_wsQKEXwqrw on November 9th, 2016 9:50 pm

    If the unarmed Ohlone police call for backup, how long do Fremont PD & Newark PD take to respond? Have there been incidents on each campus when being armed would have been beneficial? Would have saved someone from being injured? Can a separate decision be made for each campus (based on Fremont being a safer neighborhood)? How in depth are psychological evaluations of Ohlone Police Officers both when initially hired, & annually? What is the consensus view of Ohlone Professors?

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Arming Campus Police