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Monitor endorses three candidates for trustees

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Editor’s note: This editorial represents the view of the Ohlone Monitor editorial board.

The Ohlone Monitor has chosen to endorse candidates Greg Bonaccorsi, Kevin Bristow and Teresa Cox for the three available seats on the Ohlone board of trustees.

As students with a vested interest in the positive image of our college, we believe these are the candidates best qualified to maintain our school’s public image and standing as one of California’s top five community colleges.

As incumbents who came onto the board in 2008, Teresa Cox and Greg Bonaccorsi have a proven positive impact as board members.

Bonaccorsi and Cox both cite the 2008 accreditation risk as the reason they chose to run.

Both trustees were handed a tough project, according to Bonaccorsi.

They both worked hard to see the college through those rough times and succeeded.

If they remain on the board, they will be a definite asset when Ohlone undergoes accreditation review again in 2014.

Bonaccorsi recognizes the ability to work as a cohesive unit with other members of the board as a key responsibility of a board member.

Both candidates have an affirmative track record of constructive cooperation with other board members.

With experience and a vision for a better Ohlone, the Monitor strongly endorses both candidates.

Kevin Bristow has never held an elected office before but is able to view the difficulties being faced by Ohlone from a unique perspective.

Bristow is currently the coordinator of the Renaissance Scholars Program. As a former foster youth, he is a product of the programs that stand to be cut if the budget crisis continues.

He is very much in touch with the student and faculty population and will work to serve our best interests.

If elected, Bristow has said his top priority is to keep education accessible to students an ensure they can get in and out of Ohlone in a reasonable amount of time.

The Ohlone Monitor has decided to oppose the candidacy of Bob Brunton.

We do not believe it is in the best interest of the students if he were to be elected. Due in part to his actions during his last term, Ohlone almost lost its accreditation.

The school will face accreditation again in 2014 and cannot afford to come under
that type of fire again.

The students stand to lose too much. While we at the Monitor believe in forgiving the past, Brunton is, at best, in denial of his former mistakes and has not provided satisfactory evidence that history will not
repeat itself.

We urge you to vote for Bonaccorsi, Bristow and Cox for the Ohlone College board.

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Monitor endorses three candidates for trustees