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Raise Your Voice! We should celebrate history of all women

Vanessa Luis, Editor-in-chief

March 10, 2016

Filed under Opinions

Tuesday was Interna­tional Women’s Day.   March is Women’s His­tory Month. However, why is it that the history we are re­membering seems to focus on the accomplishments ...


Cristian Medina, Sports editor

March 10, 2016

Filed under Opinions, Sports

   The Golden State War­riors have continued their spectacular season by breaking the Chicago Bulls record for consecutive home victories. They’ve now won 45 straight home games and show no signs ...

Apple case won’t be the last

Brianne O'Sullivan, News editor

March 3, 2016

Filed under Opinions

Personal privacy and public safety are once again at odds with each other. This time, we see the age-old argument played out through Apple Inc. and the FBI. The government would like Apple to unlock the iPhon...

Loving a person with schizophrenia

Patricia Prakash, Contributing writer

February 11, 2016

Filed under Opinions

I was 16 when a member of my family was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a scary word, and it is described by another scary word – degenerative. Schizophrenia is currently believed to grow...

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