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Arkansas Law Allows Spousal Rapists To Intervene On Their Victims Abortion

Vicente Vera, Opinions Editor

March 1

Filed under Opinions

Imagine a rape victim having their consent stolen in the worst way possible, then afterwards, the attacker still has control over her body. This could be the scary reality for victims in Arkansas after The Unborn Child Protec...

Online video game casinos

Vicente Vera, Contributing Writer

November 9

Filed under Opinions

Imagine you had the chance to possess the rarest video game accessory in the world. An accessory that would make everyone in the online gaming community admire you. Imagine you could have it for just $1,000. Does this se...

We need the weed


November 7

Filed under Opinions

The devil's lettuce, wacky tobaccy and sticky icky are all slang terms for a drug that was once a huge taboo to even discuss, let alone use. Much has changed since Ronald Reagan called cannabis “probably the most ...

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